Gymna ShockMaster, an upgrade for your practice

Maximum results in a minimum of time. Shockwave is the ideal treatment method for chronic and complex musculoskeletal conditions. Treatment results in pain reduction, regeneration of affected tissue and breakdown of calcification and fibrosis.

80%Success Rate
10mTreatment time
6/8 Avg. Treatments
Lisa Thomas
Physical therapist
80%Success Rate
10%Treatment time
6/8 Avg. Treatments

Discover the Gymna ShockMaster in practice.

Effective treatment with optimal results.

Research shows optimal results for a growing number of treatments today. Gymna ShockMaster is equipped with evidence based programs to apply these treatments. The specialists at Gymna are constantly researching and developing new treatments that will be released with periodic updates for the Gymna ShockMaster Series


The strongest evidence for the effectiveness of Extracorporeal Shockwave therapy is in the treatment of tendinopathies. Shockwave stimulates the natural healing processes and has a regenerative and tissue repairing effect. Pain will be released, motor function will increase and calcifications can be reduced.

Most common tendinopathies to be treated with radial shockwave, are Achilles, Infrapatellar, Supraspinatus and lateral elbow pain.


ESWT stimulates bone healing when applying low energy. Great results can be achieved when treating in combination with the related triggerpoints and muscles.

The most common bone pathologies are Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome and Greater Trochanter Pain.

Neurological disorders

Recent developments in ESWT are showing great interest and positive results in the treatment of peripheral nerve regeneration, like in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It has already been proven that shockwave increases muscle weight, reduces muscle atrophy, stimulates regeneration and therefor increases functional activity.

Muscle treatment with radial Shockwave of spasticity, both in post hemiplegia adults and children affected with cerebral palsy, are generally accepted to be successful.


Shockwave therapy is effective in pain reduction and functional improvement in Myofascial Pain Syndrome. In case of more acute muscle problems, ESWT will support the prevention and a quicker recovery of Delayed Muscle Soreness. Muscle strength will be enhanced and muscle tone decreased.

Muscle treatment of Triggerpoints, muscle soreness and muscle hypertonia.

Connective tissue

Connective tissue includes several types of fibrous tissue. ESWT generates positive stimulatory effects in the regeneration of this tissue, collagen synthesis and the growth of new cells and blood vessels.

Plantar Fasciopathy, Trigger finger, scar tissue are all well-known applications for radial Shockwave therapy.

Fine tune your treatment, based on your patients condition.

  1. Assesment of patient condition with pGTS

    The intelligent Shockmaster patient Guided Therapy System will automatically adapt treatment level based on your patient’s condition

  2. Treatment of the affected area

    Choose the correct applicator taking into account pathology and depth, start your standard treatment based on your pGTS result.

  3. Treatment of related trigger points

    Change the applicator if necessary and treat the related trigger points.

  4. Muscle loosening treatment

    Treat muscular tension, improve blood circulation and relax trigger points with the D-Actor.

  5. Metabolic activity stimulation

    Stimulate metabolic activity and toxin elemination, improve microcirculation and obtain muscle relaxation with the V-Actor.

Gymna ShockMaster means support, expertise and user-friendliness.

Knowledge & experience

Easy equipment updates with the latest treatment software based on clinical evidence and expertise.

Broader application

Continuous development of treatment protocols for new applications. Faster results thanks to the additional treatment possibilities.

More patients with faster results

Shockwave therapy for a broader patient spectrum, regaining activity levels more rapidly, increasing your practice efficiency.

ShockMaster 500

Treat under the best possible conditions

  • Intelligent and intuitive User interface
  • Ergonomically shaped, light weight handpiece
  • Quick start up
  • pGTS, the unique patient Guided Therapy System
  • Real treatment photos in support
  • Anatomical library
  • Indications supported by medical information
  • Ergonomically shaped cart, all accessories within easy reach
  • 2 output channels for simple and rapid switch between handpieces
  • Rapid software update via USB port

ShockMaster 300

Shockwave therapy, anytime, anywhere

Radial shockwave therapy is an established and recognized form of treatment. The portable ShockMaster 300 means you are now able to carry out treatments anytime and anywhere. No restriction – just ‘plug and play’.

  • Small and lightweight device
  • Custom-made carrier bag for easy transport and use
  • Easy to install
  • Silent air compressor
  • Plug & Play
  • pGTS, the unique patient Guided Therapy System
  • Practical contra-indications check list
  • illuminated bar: treatment time
  • Rapid software update via USB port