Finance Options

At Eureka Physiocare we know that cash flow is vital to any business which is why we offer finance options on equipment purchases. We can arrange credit literally within a few hours.




Benefits of using Lease Purchase

  • ·         100% Tax deductible - All rentals can be offset against company profit.
  • ·         Immediate purchase of equipment - acquiring the equipment when needed.
  • ·         Keep Capital - Which can be saved for other profitable purposes.
  • ·         Stay up to date - The immediate gain of having the very latest technology, updating every few years.
  • ·         Small Outlay - Minimal down payment.
  • ·         VAT - Is paid each month on the rental therefore effectively deferred.
  • ·         Plan budgets - Payments are fixed you know when & how much to pay.
  • ·         Get the equipment you need when you need it - not when you can afford it.


Where finance is required for the purchase of capital equipment etc, Eureka Physiocare may make suggestions to possible avenues of finance. However, we are independent and do not have any exclusive agreements or relationships with any one lender or lenders. In our capacity as specialist equipment distributors, we do not act and will not act as a broker, agent, fiduciary or otherwise for any lender and the onus rests solely on the customer to satisfy themselves that their chosen provider and financial product is appropriate and suitable for their unique situation.  Accordingly, we shall not be liable nor responsible for any consequences arising directly or indirectly from any decisions made by our customers in choosing their financial products and/or from consequently entering into any legal agreements with that chosen lender or lenders.