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  1. Fortress Hard Spikey Ball: The Ultimate Self-Massage Tool for Healthcare Professionals

    The healthcare sector has been undergoing significant transformations, with a focus on improving patient experience and treatment efficacy. The Fortress Hard Spikey Ball stands at the forefront of this revolution.



    A Tool Beyond Ordinary


    Unlike any other, the Fortress Hard Spikey Ball offers remarkable features tailored for body massage and muscle relaxation. Its protruding

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  2. Flexil® Premium Resistance Exercise Band 45.5m - Latex: An Exciting Evolution in Our Product Range

    We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest offering under the Flexil® brand – the Premium Resistance Exercise Band 45.5m - Latex. As we continue to strive for excellence and innovation, this new addition is a testament to our commitment.



    Some of our long-time customers might remember the beloved Latex Fortress Exercise bands. Whilst they served us and our customers diligently, the world of physiotherapy is ever-evolving, and so must our products. Hence, the birth of the Flexil® Premium Resistance Exercise Band 45.5m - Latex.


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  3. The Difference Between Komfort & Pro Couches


    Stabil Komfort and Stabil Pro treatment couches are both high-quality, durable options for clinicians & therapists. However, there are some key differences between the two ranges.

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  4. Introducing Ice Storm Hot & Cold Packs


    We're excited to announce that Cryoderma hot and cold packs have been rebranded to Ice Storm! While the brand name has changed, the same great product and quality you know and love remains. Ice Storm hot and cold packs are still made with high-quality materials designed to provide optimal relief and comfort during your physiotherapy sessions.

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  5. When Is It Time To Upgrade My Clinic Treatment Table?


    Treatment tables are essential to any physiotherapy clinic, providing a comfortable and safe place for patients to receive treatments. Over time, though, clinic treatment tables can become worn down. The padding can become thin, the fabric can tear, and the table can become unstable.


    So, asking yourself when to upgrade your clinic treatment table is a good question. Knowing how to change the treatment table in your clinic can be challenging.


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  6. Top 5 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Treatment Table

    Many people believe that older equipment can last longer than modern equipment; however that may not always be the scenario. Even while the materials in older equipment last a long time, advancements in technology can, unfortunately, require frequent repairs. Patients who suffered joint or spinal discomfort in ancient Greece would stretch their limbs with a rope and a wooden ladder. Medical technology has advanced since then and has benefited community health. As a result, we can't always rely on old medical technology.

    Let's examine the five advantages of routinely updating your treatment tables and medical equipment to enhance productivity, security, and general operations at your medical facility.

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  7. Fortress is now Flexil…

    Fortress Exercise has been a brand used by Eureka Physiocare over the past five years. With our passion for helping the UK's leading physios achieve faster patient outcomes, here at Eureka Physiocare, we wanted to create a new product brand that supported this mission and created engagement for our customers, connecting with their needs. The Powering Recovery™ strapline encapsulates what Flexil® stands for.

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  8. Choosing the right treatment table for your clinic

    Whether it’s a new treatment table you need for general practice or a speciality Bobath for a neurological treatment, it’s important to choose the right product for you and your patients. Eureka Physiocare’s offering includes a full range of Treatment Tables and Accessories, Training Rehab Stairs

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  9. How does biostimulation and high power laser therapy compare?

    How does biostimulation and high power laser therapy compare?

    Biostimulation therapy, also known as LLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) is a safe method of physical therapy that causes regenerative processes in tissues through the use of laser radiation. Similarly, high power laser therapy, or HILT (High Power Laser Intensity) is a  powerful form of acute pain management especially effective in treatment of sports injuries.

    In this article, we’re going to compare high power laser intensity with biostimulation to see the different benefits of each method of treatment, and if it is the right choice for you.

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  10. The Physiocare Portal

    The Physiocare Portal is our innovative new online ordering system specially designed for busy clinics.

    With your ability to order consumables at the click of a button along with a complete overview of all your spending you can slash your on-screen housekeeping from hours to minutes while saving on delivery costs and multiple supplier invoices.

    Whether you are a clinic owner, practice manager, general manager or any decision-making role, the team at Eureka Physicoare are all too familiar with the diverse daily stresses that arise under your remit. Having listened carefully to the typical (and isolated) problems within the physiotherapy sector, Eureka Physiocare has worked hard to help alleviate

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