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The application of extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) in musculoskeletal disorders has been around for more than a decade and is primarily used in the treatment of sports related over-use tendinopathies.

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    Astar Impactis M+ Shockwave Therapy Device
    Maximum power for minimum apparatus, the Astar Impactis M+sets new standards in therapy and rehabilitation. Learn more
    **Pneumatic, ballistic shockwave
    1-5 bar pressure
    Built in air compressor
    Applicator with a built-in shock spring absorber to reduce RSI
    1-25Hz pulse emission frequency (shocks)
    7" colour display with touch panel
    44 preset treatment programs
    50 user-defined programs database
    Shockwave emission modes: single, continuous, burst, interval
    Ergonomic applicator head improves comfort
    Encyclopedia describing the treatment methodology
    Compact and Portable
    Device weight = 7kg
    Dimensions - 36.1 x 30.4 x 15.1 cm
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  • FROM £127.14+VAT PER WEEK
    BTL 6000 Focused Shockwave Therapy Unit
    A focused shockwave therapy unit offering the highest lifespan with constant shock intensity. A whole new formula for chronic pain. Learn more
    The only non-invasive alternative to surgery in treatment of chronic pain.
    Focused Shockwave
    The only technology offering the highest lifespan with constant shock intensity
    The perfect balance between high Energy Flux Density and optimal Focal Zone size
    The highest frequency range on the market for a wide spectrum of indications
    Switch & Go applicator replacement service
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Shockwave, an upgrade for your practice.
Maximum results in a minimum of time. Shockwave is the ideal treatment method for chronic and complex musculoskeletal conditions. Treatment results in pain reduction, regeneration of affected tissue and breakdown of calcification and fibrosis.
80% Success Rate
10m Treatment time
6-8 Avg. Treatments
Research shows optimal results for a growing number of treatments today in the following areas.
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Maximum results in a minimum of time
Get a free Shockwave training course when you purchase a Shockwave unit.
We provide an online shockwave training course that is designed to give confidence in the use of this effective modality. The course can be studied in your own time and is worth 25CPD points. Course access will be granted following a shockwave unit purchase.
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