Why Foam Rollers are a Powerful Recovery Aid in Physiotherapy Work

1. Increased Blood Flow

Foam rolling exercises not only stretch and loosen muscles, but they flush out old blood and toxins by encourageing fresh bloodand nutrients (like oxygen and glycogen) to tired muscles.  Greater blood flow aids quicker healing and recovery times.


2. Improved movements

Muscles that are properly hydrated and loose create less friction during workout, which decreasesthe chance of injury.  Foam rolling before a workout as part of a dynamic warm-up is especially effective for myofascial release.


3. Better Range of Motion

Self-massage improves range of motion by properly stretching and lubricating muscles, which helps recruit a larger group of muscles into an exercise.  This creates a more effective workout routine.  Better range of motion also indicates more flexibility, which helps further decrease the risk of injury.


4. Decreased Injury Risk

By increasing blood circulation, range of motion and providing better ease in movement, foam rolling greatly reduces the chance of injury or re-injury.  If an injury does occur, foam rolling is a fantastic way to decrease recovery time.


5. Decreased Recovery Time

Foam rolling is an easily accessible, immediate application that can be used for injury prevention or injury reccover pre and post workout.  It aids the recovery process by flushing blood and nutrients through an injured area, this helps decrease the time spent on recovery and healing between workouts.


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