Running your clinic like a business

Wondering how to increase revenue and profitability in your clinic?  Check out the tips below:

  1. Have your pricing structure clearly visible and accessible for patients so they can decide on their own what they want to go for
  2. Offer package prices early on.  One-off payments are easier than getting the customer to pay at the end of every session
  3. Communicate your USP (unique service proposition) clearly to your customer, describing how you are different and stand out from others
  4. Keep your patients connected with your services to reduce cancelled appointments. 90% chance the patient won’t come back if they cancel
  5. Increase your referral conversion: have a system for collecting incoming referrals and follow them up to get the appointment
  6. Offer retail products in your practice: being a professional, you are an expert in choosing the best products for your patients. Why don’t you start selling them in your clinic? You can then advise them to purchase selected products to compliment their healing process
  7. Click here to see popular retail products
  8. Offer additional services to your patients: It is always beneficial to offer multiple services under one roof
  9. Offer performance-based incentives for your staff.  By offering bonuses for great performance, your staff will care more about keeping their schedules full and achieving higher productivities. Money talks and it will motivate staff to perform better and improve revenue numbers
  10. Keep enhancing your clinic reputation as this leads to ‘word-of-mouth’ advertising. Remember patients talk! If 10 patients come to your clinic and you treat them well and give your services in the best way, this will soon turn into 20, 30 patients.  Ways to build your clinic reputations are:
    1. Always respect your patients
    2. Have info available on how their personal data is protected
    3. Remember first impressions count – pleasant, cheerful greetings go a long way
    4. Listen to your patients carefully and with empathy


Whilst prepared by our product specialists in conjunction with leading and independent therapists, the information we provide is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances or financial position. It should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. Whilst we make reasonable efforts to ensure the information presented to you is complete and accurate, we do not guarantee any results, outcomes and examples are for illustrative purposes only. You should consult with a qualified professional prior to relying on any information contained in this document as circumstances, requirements and expectations will vary from person to person and business to business.