Astar Lumina V5.0 Infared Lamp

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ASTAR lamp is a premium class device that allows to perform infrared radiation therapy in the IR-A and IR-B range. Infrared radiation therapy with the use of radiation penetrating deep into the tissues. This interaction is used to improve blood flow, metabolism and support the exchange of nutrients.

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Treatments using ultraviolet, visible or infrared radiation rely on irradiating the entire body or a selected area. Depending on the type of radiation used, we get other therapeutic effects. Importantly, the human eye only sees radiation waves that are in the range of 380 to 750 nm (visible light), therefore not all types of radiation are visible to us.
Lamps used in phototherapy, differ in the power and wavelength of the emitted radiation. In this therapeutic method, colored filters are used that modify the parameters of the light source and change the way it affects the body.

Infrared radiation

Infrared radiation is divided into IR-A, IR-B and IR-C

  • IR-C (3000nm-1mm) – infrared radiation with the longest waves and moderate thermal effect (penetrating the epidermis)
  • IR-B (1400-3000nm) – infrared radiation penetrating 1-3 mm deep into the tissues, moderate thermal effect (penetrating deep into the dermis)
  • IR-A (760-1400nm) – infrared radiation with the shortest waves and deep thermal effect (penetrating deep into the subcutaneous tissue)

Astar is a manufacturer of lamps for the exposure of infrared light in the range from IR-A to IR-B


Bulb Light Intensity - 10-99%

Maximum Power of bulb - 375W

Power Consumption - max 450W

Treatment Time - 1-30 minutes

Device Height - 1.2-1.9m

Dimension of lamp base (WxD) - 0.5x0.6m

Dimensions of table stand without lampe (WxDxH) - 30x31.5x6cm

Table Stand dimensions (without lamp) (WxDxH) - 30x39x41cm


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