A touchless massage lotion dispenser is starting to become more prevalent in clinics who are seeking to ensure optimum level of hygiene for their clinicians and patients. A touchless massage lotion dispenser is a device that dispenses a controlled amount of massage lotion.

They function to conserve the amount of massage lotion used and stop the spread of infectious diseases, such as Covid-19.

Benefits of Having a Touchless Massage Lotion Dispenser
There are several benefits to a touchless massage lotion dispenser, including:

· They have a modern appearance, so they draw attention, increasing compliance with hygiene practices
· There is no installation required
· They’re simple to use, especially for people with issues reaching over countertops to reach the massage lotion
· They deliver a standardized dose of massage lotion and thus reducing wastage
· They eliminate a common contact point to prevent germs from being transferred

Why A Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is Important

Touchless technology is an excellent idea because hard surfaces are significant transfer points for viruses and bacteria. Most of what people put down on a surface can be picked up by the next person who comes along. With more people sharing spaces and surfaces more than ever, touchless technology can prevent cross-contamination.

It Shows People That You Care

Making a touchless massage lotion dispenser available in your clinic shows your therapists and patients that their health is essential. This can generate a positive impression. During the coronavirus pandemic, it’s imperative to show your clients and employees that you care about their health and safety. By having touchless massage lotion dispensers in your clinic rooms, you’re also showing them that you’re taking this pandemic seriously.

Getting the Best Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

A touchless squirt of hand sanitizer can go a long way to helping your clients, employees, and you keep sickness at bay. With American Image Displays dispensers, you also get fantastic service to ensure that those dispensers are full and functional when they’re needed the most. American Image Displays offers several types of touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers for you to choose from. They all come with the necessary tools to install the dispenser, a support base, an aluminum column, and a drip tray. All you have to do is find the right dispenser for your needs and business and go from there.

Final Thoughts

A touchless massage lotion dispenser is a great way to keep you, your staff and your patients safe from germs and illnesses. Additionally, having them in your clinic rooms makes it clear to people that you’re committed to promoting a high level of hygiene practices.


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