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Astar Polaris Hp S High-Powered Laser

Biostimulation and high power laser therapy. Combines the effects of both therapies enabling maximum effectiveness. Featuring 2 laser modules with 808 and 980 nm wavelengths (power of 8 and 10 W) that can work in continuous, pulse or superpulse mode.
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  • The Polaris HP S device is a modern high-energy laser. As one of the few models available on the market, it can be used to perform high-energy laser and biostimulation laser treatments.
  • Why is a high energy laser so effective? Because it works by using two wavelengths. The combination of waves accumulates a fast thermal effect and a slower - but lasting effect of biostimulative action. Laser sources used in Polaris HP S allow operation with peak power up to 18 W (pulse mode). The maximum average power of a high energy laser is limited to 10 W, but it is still a large value, which may result in an excessive thermal effect. If the average 4W power is exceeded, an additional warning is displayed.
  • To make the high-energy laser work even more effectively and precisely reach deeply located tissues, a specially constructed focusing adapter DILA (Deep Intratissue Laser Adapter) was used. This is an innovative optical system that forms a laser beam in such a way as to compensate for power losses in surface tissues. This reduces the thermal effect in the skin and subcutaneous tissue. The big advantage is also the possibility of more accurate location of the therapeutic area.
  • The DILT and DILA technologies used in the mobile high-energy laser are innovations developed by ASTAR, protected by a patent application and trademark.
  • To limit the thermal effect occurring during the treatment, the pulse mode is used. Then high laser power is used, with reduced average power. The advantage of this solution is the ability to achieve deep tissue penetration while protecting them from overheating.
  • The high-energy laser gives the possibility of setting independent powers, frequencies and fillings. This is possible thanks to the controller, which is equipped with a manual mode for configuring the work of both built-in and external laser sources. The high-energy laser is not only compatible with the DILA attachment, it is possible to use two spacers that give a 1 cm2 and 5 cm2 spot.
  • The mobile high-energy laser is compatible with all types of low-power applicators that are available in the offer of ASTAR. You can also connect point probes, a scanner or a laser shower. This solution makes Polaris HP S finds its application in low-energy biostimulation laser therapy.
  • When we start performing treatments using a mobile high-energy laser, it is worth using a practical encyclopedia - it's a rich list of built-in programs. Each item has an illustration and a detailed description. Of course, you can create your own programs and treatment sequences and save them in the device's memory.
  • The high-energy laser is extremely comfortable to use. The neat, ergonomic design allows you to set up the device even in small spaces. Polaris HP S is equipped with a large, transparent seven-inch graphic display with a touch panel, thanks to which you can easily change the settings. The applicator has a functional start and stop key.built-in high energy modules 808 nm / 8 W, 980 nm / 10 W
  • Three application caps: 1 cm2, 5 cm2, DILA
  • Cooperation with applicators: scanning, shower and point probes
  • Emission modes: continuous, impulse, superpulse
  • Regulation of filling or pulse time
  • Automatic calculation of the treatment time based on the treatment field
  • Dedicated modes for cooperation with fiber optic applicators
  • Different power depending on the needs 40 mw and 80 mw for 660 nm, 200 mw and 400 mw for 808 nm
  • Four-stage laser power regulation
  • Stabilization of the radiated power of the laser beam
  • Adjustable frequency and duty cycle in pulse mode
  • Work readiness and work signaling indicator
  • Dedicated mode for cooperation with fiber optic applicators
  • Full control over treatment parameters for advanced users476 Treatment Protocols: Simplified camera operation, disease entities selected by name, 51 programs for LWE, 57 programs for point probes, 26 programs for the scanning applicator, 54 programs for the shower applicator, 250 user programs, 8 programs with Nogier, fre

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