The New Standard For Treatment Tables


Important points to consider when buying an electric treatment table

You need answers to these questions:
- What brand is the motor, control box, and foot pedal?
- What is making the table so much cheaper or more expensive?
- What warranty(s) does the table have?
- What is included with the table? Everything shown in the picture?
- What base does the table have? How does it incline and decline? - Does the base have retractable castors?
- What is the weight capacity of the table?
- Are the sections gas assist or ratchet?
Stabil offers you the new standard in treatment tables


You are the No.1

  • You are
  • . Passionate about your job
  • . Striving for professionalism each day
  • . Committed to your patients and their experience during treatment
  • . Looking for a valuable asset to add to your practice

Handsome Attractive Beautiful Adorable

Stabil have designed a treatment table that exhibits skill, refinement and good looks expressing pleasure and delight with its appearance.

It's Your World

You spend most of your day in the practice, so having a pleasurable and lovable working space is a must.

Extraordinary design, from top to bottom

The Stabil colour palette and choice of trim have been carefully selected and crafted to create a lovable yet stimulating working environment.

Luxury and Freedom

Premium upholstery

Firm though comfortable cushions that have been finished with a premium quality upholstery.
Upholstery is easy to clean antibacterial and fire retardant.
All cushions have padded edges to ensure no pressure points.
A luxurious finish to the upholstery ensuring it displays the true professionalism of your practice and helping you offer top service to your clients

Job Perfection

Quality you can feel. The Stabil treatment table provides guaranteed quality with optimum functionality, ensuring no down time in your practice through product failure.

"Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it."

-Rolls Royce

Hygiene In Your Practice


Stabil features Spotless Technology - an attractive closed base system that hide all electrical components making the table look spotless.

Its makes cleaning your table an absolute breeze, and the unique design help portray your professionalism to your clients

Perfect Conditions For Treating

Stabil Profile, FSP

Stabil have developed a smart system, known as FSP, that guarantees the Stabil offers you a stable working platform FSP means that the manipulation force is spread evenly across the frame.

An All-Rounder

The Stabil intelligent system i-TOUCH and i-MOVE are world leading technology and innovation.


The intelligent all round operation system can be reached from anywhere around the table in a safe and easy maner. Facilitates easy and accurate height adjustment.


The intelligent transport mechanism can be reached from anywhere around the table facilitating easy transportation and table positioning

  • Foot operated from both sides
  • Easy to lift up onto its wheels
  • Easy to lower down again

German Made

German manufactured and engineered electronics. These electronics are quiet, tough and intelligent, adding to the lovable atmosphere.