Virtual Therapy - Why now is the time

In the spring of 2020, amidst a global pandemic, non essential building closures and a nation-wide lockdown, a health and fitness personality made himself the nations PE teacher.
Recognising that in the midst of the panic, worry and uncertainty that the health crisis was bringing, this was an attempt to bring some routine to each day and offer a way to maintain physical fitness when all other options were temporarily unavailable.
What has made this most interesting is that it wasn't a TV programme or cartoon, but an online fitness session broadcast on the web through YouTube. This minor celebrity has amassed a following of 3.2 million people on his YouTube channel, with over 800,000 tuning into his debut PE lesson. 
Keeping fit, whatever the circumstances
Why does this matter? Because it marks a turning point in the way we are willing to consume fitness. For the physical therapy industry, this opens up not just a whole new revenue stream but new markets as well as offering the ability to continue providing treatments at times when physically being in a room together isn't possible, whatever the reason.
Its a fact that physiotherapy is a long-game. Nothing is fixed in one session and the reality is that most patients require a mid to long-term course of treatment with a weekly intervention to maintain progress. The patient helping themselves to recovery can be as key as the treatment they receive in a practice environment. That's why online or virtual therapy is such a game changer. 
Imagine a scenario where you can:
  1. Make recommendations to a patient about the products they need to support their recovery - and send them a weblink to an approved supplier where they can purchase them.
  2. Know that your patient will receive fantastic customer care and free, next day delivery to receive their items.
  3. Access a virtual environment with you and your patient in two different places (such as your practice and your patients' home)
  4. Deliver a comprehensive one-to-one therapy session in line with your patient's treatment plan and then check in with them as required. 
  5. Charge a fair fee for the provision of the service, as you would if a patient was attending an appointment in your practice.

At Eureka Physiocare we're helping you make this happen.
We've developed a complete home therapy package, complete with access to your patients through a cloud based video conferencing platform, to allow you to maintain a consistent level of support whilst th patient remains in the comfort of their own home.
Through our patient-focussed online portal, we've created a number of bundles containing helpful combinations of products that cater for a number of well-known conditions requiring physiotherapy support. We've consulted directly with patients and our clients to build these bundles to ensure they contain complementary products to target specific muscle groups and we know from feedback that these items are perfectly suited to the home environment for both supervised and unsupervised usage. 
As a practitioner, you know best which products will speed up the recovery of your patients depending on their specific needs so you're able to make recommendations to your patient as to which bundle will suit them best. From here, your patients can purchase the products directly and get them delivered to their home ready for your virtual session.
This model is a true win-win. As a practitioner, you not only get to maintain critical contact with your patients to maintain the trajectory of their recovery but you can do so in a way that generates income for your business. The platform is available for however you want to use it, whether its full therapy sessions, quick 5 minute check-ins or more detailed progress reviews or even multi-participant classes.
The Eureka Physiocare virtual therapy solution is designed for practitioners with patients in mind.
  • Its simple - We've brought together the technology and the kit ready for you and your patients to access.
  • Its quick - We provide next day delivery so you can get going with your patients straight away.
  • Its revenue generating - Not only can you continue to charge for access to a therapy appointment but you also benefit from a commercial partnership with us through product sales.
  • Its scaleable - From creating on-demand content behind a paywall to holding multiple sessions at once, there are lots of ways in which revenue can be maximised whilst continuing to deliver on your desired patient outcomes.
Whether through circumstance, such as the current global health crisis, needing a business model that offers more flexibility or being driven by patient need, what we know now is that people's attitudes are changing. There's a realisation that we don't have to do things the way we've always done them.
Consumers have been forced to explore online shopping and what's more, they like it. Video-calling through apps like FaceTime and WhatsApp has become the normal way to reach out to family and friends. Millions of people have adapted to working from home in a way business never thought possible.
So, can we, as an industry, deliver virtual therapy to ensure patients continue their recovery and enable practitioners to continue doing what they do best? Now is the time!
Schedule a call with one of our product specialists to find out more how Eureka Physiocare can help you with this!