The Physiocare Portal is our innovative new online ordering system specially designed for busy clinics.

With your ability to order consumables at the click of a button along with a complete overview of all your spending you can slash your on-screen housekeeping from hours to minutes while saving on delivery costs and multiple supplier invoices.

Whether you are a clinic owner, practice manager, general manager or any decision-making role, the team at Eureka Physicoare are all too familiar with the diverse daily stresses that arise under your remit. Having listened carefully to the typical (and isolated) problems within the physiotherapy sector, Eureka Physiocare has worked hard to help alleviate these common or individual issues through creating the Physiocare Portal. Tailored to bring you much-needed control, the Physiocare Portal order management software from Eureka Physiocare links you directly with your main supplier. Bringing multiple features that will simplify your processes this really is the icing on the cake.


Manage Budgets
Save money with easy budget control.  Limit the spending of each clinic individually with spend limits by order, daily, weekly or monthly.  You can also review expenditure by looking back and analysing spend per site, user, and product to report and plan budget improvements.  This can be downloaded into Excel for easy data manipulation.

Order Approval
Limit all orders or orders over a certain value to require management approval.  This allows management to delegate the ordering whilst still maintaining full control of what is being ordered.  You can also save time by automating your order approval.

Order Forms
Create departmental favourites lists and order forms to streamline processes and products available.  This can be done to ensure that only approved products are ordered.

Permission Levels
Increase control with multiple levels of subaccounts to manage who has access to what.  Designed to allow management to maintain full control.

Bespoke To You
The Physiocare Portal is designed to be bespoke to you, giving you the flexibility to power your clinic through delegation and control.


Email [email protected] to request your free Physiocare Portal demo and feel the benefits for yourself.