Which shockwave unit do I need for my clinic?

Which shockwave unit do I need for my clinic?

Gymna Shockmaster 500


Implementing radial shockwave in your clinic can be a daunting step in taking your business forward.  It is a large investment, and there are a lot of units available at different price points.  It is important to make sure you get the right unit for your clinic as this is a great step which can take you and your clinic to the next level.


The good news is that providing the unit is ballistic / pneumatic (uses compressed air to fire the projectile) and can deliver at least 4 bars of pressure then it will be effective on MSK treatments.  The reason for stating this is that clinical evidence is very supportive of ballistic shockwave as opposed to electromagnetic.  What differentiates and defines the price point of ballistic shockwave units is the build quality and the user interface.


The questions you need to ask yourself are…


Why do I want shockwave in my clinic?

Is this going to be an additional string to my bow and revenue stream?  Am I looking to achieve faster patient outcomes and increase my reputation?  Do I want to build my clinic around this service?  These are all questions that need to be considered in view of selecting and using the right unit in your clinic.


Am I a competent user of shockwave or a beginner?

Many of the units come with built in protocols which take the guesswork out of treating patients.  Units such as the Gymna Shockmaster range not only have built in step-by-step protocols with diagrams but also have a Guided Therapy System (GTS) which will automatically adjust the protocols based on the patient feedback and your clinical assessment of their condition. 

Other units such as Astar Impactis M+ have built in encyclopaedia with diagrams but doesn’t have the Guided Therapy System that the Gymna units offer.  If you and your team are competent in using shockwave and want a basic unit that will do the job, then lower cost units such as the Longest Powershocker are perfect for the job with a handful of basic protocols and a very easy to use unit.


Do I need to be able to move the unit between clinic rooms or even clinics?

With many therapists moving between clinic rooms and even clinics you need to consider whether your shockwave unit needs to come with you.  If it does then you want to look at a smaller unit such as the Astar Impactis M+ which combines portability with high output power and built-in encyclopaedia of protocols.  A carry bag is also available for transporting the unit safely and a trolley for use in the clinic setting.

If portability isn’t important the choice is yours!  Do you want a small compact unit that you have the option to move or easily store in a cupboard or do you want a larger unit that looks the part?


What budget do I have to invest?

Ballistic shockwave units range from approx. £12,000 plus VAT down to £5500 plus VAT.  Your budget will help decide which features are important.  Finance options are also available allowing you to spread the cost over 2-5 years.


For further support please reach out to one of our Eureka Physiocare Product Specialists who will be willing to support with your decision and help with what has worked for other clinics.


Whilst prepared by our product specialists in conjunction with leading and independent therapists, the information we provide is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances or financial position. It should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. Whilst we make reasonable efforts to ensure the information presented to you is complete and accurate, we do not guarantee any results, outcomes and examples are for illustrative purposes only. You should consult with a qualified professional prior to relying on any information contained in this document as circumstances, requirements and expectations will vary from person to person and business to business.

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