During these challenging times we are not able to see the number of patients we would like to. While ensuring the necessary clean down processes are carried out and maintaining social distancing within the clinics this has meant a reduction in the number of patients coming into the clinic each day. Obviously this is a vast improvement on the situation from a few months ago however it still leaves a big gap in the clinic revenue. The good news is there are ways of bridging this gap at the same time as improving outcomes for your patients. Read the article below from therapists:

Really good businesses are built from an aggregation of marginal gains, a concept that was made famous by Sir Dave Brailsford, general manager of the GB Cycling Team. All too often we focus on one part of the ‘sale’ ie. the appointment, and miss other opportunities to generate additional earnings, frequently for very little extra effort. Stock sales is one of those marginal gains, that can end up making you thousands in extra revenue, every year. This article details how this opportunity can be put into practice by any therapist or practice.

'Most physical therapy businesses lose perfectly ethical earning opportunities every single day. One of those ways to boost earnings ethically is to enhance and follow through on what we all do best - giving advice and exercise for the patient to follow at home, so they improve their strength, range of motion and reduce their pain levels as soon as possible. By stocking key items of equipment that you like to recommend, and having these attractively displayed in a designated area of your reception, will prime your client, making them open to a potential purchase for either themselves or someone they're close to. If you recommend a potential solution to a client that will help them get better, it is crazy not to be able to provide that product then and there.'

'People lead busy lives, which means they may not get the opportunity to source the product immediately. If they remember, they will most probably choose to order from Amazon, which may also incur postage. And once it does arrive, will they know what to do with it? If you have the product in stock, it's very simple to give a demonstration at the same time that you're talking about the benefits which means you get better client engagement and you're very likely to get a better clinical outcome, which is, after all, what everybody wants. It's all about offering a better, more professional service to your customers. I guarantee very few customers will begrudge you a couple of quid in commission if you can provide a value added service, that also saves them time'

In selecting your supplier of patient products, here's a checklist: You need products that:
• are good quality;
• that look good on display;
• that give you a good profit margin;
• that you can order quickly and easily online;
• that you don't need to buy in huge numbers; and
• a provider that stocks most (or ideally all) of the stock sale products you need.
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