Choosing the Right Pelvic Health Devices for Your Practice

Selecting the appropriate therapeutic devices is crucial for enhancing patient care in any physiotherapy practice. Here at Eureka Physiocare, we offer a range of products specifically designed for the challenges faced by women in managing their pelvic health.

1. Neurotrac Continence

This device is perfect for tackling issues of incontinence with cutting-edge neuromuscular stimulation technology. It is ideal for patients needing non-invasive therapy to improve bladder control and pelvic floor strength.

2. Neurotrac Obstetric Tens

Specially designed for pregnant women, this device provides pain relief during labour through TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) therapy. It’s a safe, drug-free option for managing childbirth pain and enhancing postnatal recovery.

3. Neurotrac Pelvitone

Offering comprehensive pelvic floor stimulation, the Pelvitone is designed to help women who suffer from a range of pelvic floor disorders. This device is versatile and can be tailored to fit individual treatment needs.

4. Neuropex Vaginal Probe

Used in conjunction with our electronic devices, this probe facilitates targeted pelvic floor therapy, enhancing the effectiveness of treatments for strengthening and rehabilitation.

5. Neuropex Anal Probe

An essential tool for comprehensive pelvic health, this probe is used to treat conditions affecting the anal region, particularly useful in managing postnatal recovery and chronic pelvic pain.

Enhancing Your Patient Outcomes

Our devices are not just tools; they are part of a broader commitment to advancing women's health care through innovative technology. Each product is backed by research and designed to be user-friendly, ensuring that your practice can provide the best possible care to your patients.