Implementing Shockwave Therapy is often the biggest barrier for investing in this modality which has potential to not only achieve faster patient outcomes but also hugely increase your reputation.


1. Select the correct unit for your clinic and team

There are many different types of units on the market and selecting the right unit for your clinic and your team is important to ensure this modality can be implemented simply and effectively. If the unit is a pneumatic / ballistic Shockwave device the output will be largely the same. What differentiates different units is their interface and usability. Preset protocols, clinical guidance, size, weight, and even ergonomics of the machine are key factors, and can all have an impact on how effective the unit is for your environment. It is essential to take good advice as to which unit is right for your clinic.  Eureka Physiocare stock a range of units to suit every requirement and our Product Specialists will help guide clinics in making the right decision. For more advice Book a Free Zoom Demo with one of our team today or Request a Quote.


2. Right training

Training is critical to ensure you and your team are confident in using this fantastic modality. Clinical training is a given, although not as complicated as it seems. More importantly, it is critical to be confident in the use of the unit and how to present this modality to patients. Online CPD clinical training is available through Eureka Physiocare which allows you and your team to learn the clinical skills in their own time.

Shockwave is a significant investment for patients, so it is important to ensure you are aligning with their goals and expectations to present Shockwave as the effective solution if they are looking to achieve a faster treatment outcome. Your pricing strategy is also significant, so you will need to engage with someone who can help guide you in the correct pricing strategy for your clients. Eureka Physiocare will work with your team to ensure they are confident with using the unit and presenting your offering to patients. There are a few successful techniques we can share on this.


3. Marketing Correctly

This is important to raise awareness that you are offering Shockwave Therapy and what it can do for your patients. Clinic reception posters and stickers are a great promotional tool as well as a clear section on your website. However, more importantly is the use of Google to ensure you are appearing at the top of search results for your clients. It is essential to consider that patients are not necessarily searching for Shockwave Therapy but rather a solution to their condition. Therefore, ensure the correct keywords are being used to sell the solution, not just the modality. There are numerous organisations that are available to support with this.


4. Register with insurance companies

Registering with insurance companies can be a great way of gaining clients for Shockwave Therapy. With most of the top insurance companies recognising the effectiveness of Shockwave, they have set packages they offer for this type of therapy . They are also actively looking for therapists who can offer this modality. Make sure you notify all the insurance companies that you work with that you now offer Shockwave in your clinic.


5. Manage patient expectations

It is key when treating patients to manage their expectations. Explaining clearly what Shockwave Therapy does and how it works is important to its success. A section on your website explaining more about the treatment from the patients perspective or a printed leaflet that can be handed to them can greatly assist with this. Patient flyers, clinic posters and website material are available with the units from Eureka Physiocare.


Implementing Shockwave is really a simple process if done correctly and Eureka Physiocare are available to support you with this every step of the way with our knowledgeable Product Specialists on hand. Book a FREE no obligation Zoom demo with one of our specialists today who can support you in selecting the right unit for your clinic.

Alternatively, if you know the unit you would like to purchase you can Request a Quote from our team to begin your Shockwave Journey.


Whilst prepared by our product specialists in conjunction with leading and independent therapists, the information we provide is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances or financial position. It should not be used as a substitute for professional advice. Whilst we make reasonable efforts to ensure the information presented to you is complete and accurate, we do not guarantee any results, outcomes and examples are for illustrative purposes only. You should consult with a qualified professional prior to relying on any information contained in this document as circumstances, requirements and expectations will vary from person to person and business to business.